RAM: Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis

There are some things which are assumed false memories or are just too plain weird or bizarre to acknowledge as being based in reality however I’ve started to really rack the old noggin to find some of the more strange creations which were present during my childhood and teen years. These things can be anything from old bands which slowly faded into obscurity, video games which you remember fondly however friends never had heard of them or even TV shows which seemingly never existed basically RAM.

As much as I want to rant and rave defending myself from being labelled a noughties kid instead of one of the young shacka-dudeing bros of the 90’s with all my radical fly as gear, I will have to admit that I missed what for many was considered the glory years of some of our more primitive pop culture and gaming treasures being birthed in 1994. However amongst this envy which I hold to those who got to live in the more up and coming era I still got to be a part of the rebirth of Star Wars which for some may be a time of fond hatred or love but it also meant I got to see what used to be in my opinion one of the finest franchises to emerge which is of course ‘Jurassic Park’ (Yes..I know the first one was released in 1993 but the other two were released during my childhood so shove that in your pipe and smoke it.)

Anywho ‘Jurassic Park’ was as a film franchise the perfect combo of action and f***ing dinosaurs man you didn’t need really anything else to get me hooked and now I think I share more or less just the same feelings now as an adult aside from the fact as the years go on I get more fond of seeing the god himself Jeff Goldblum gracing the screen. Say what you will about the story, the special effects maybe even the acting but ‘Jurassic Park’ was a huge cultural phenomena and you can bet your bottom dollar you can probably recognise the theme tune without even a visual cue to even remind you of this glorious piece of filmmaking and with that it was only natural that game a would be released to coincide with the success of the film series.

Now although this wasn’t the first game to hit the shelves or the arcades brandishing the Jurassic park logo it was in my opinion one of the best and most enjoyable games to emerge out of the shitpile which usually occurs with any movie tie in game and Jurassic Park was no exception there were some utterly terrible games (Jurassic Park: War Path who in the right mind greenlit this terrible excuse for a game).

‘Jurassic Operation Genesis’ was a beacon of hope amongst all the other terrible titles to come before it and really was the perfect combination of dinosaur goodness packaged into a Sim Zoo Tycoon esque package. I discovered this game hiding amongst the other discarded and forgotten games sitting within a bargain bin at shoddy looking ‘Cash Converters’ which aside from the fact that this store seems to always look like half the items have been stolen sometimes you pick up some solid deals if you were willing to sift through the endless amounts of crap and it became a bit of a family outing for my dad, brother and I.  

Anyway the gameplay itself is not any different to your regular run of the mill simulation game which revolves around creating structures or parks aside from the fact you have to bare in mind you have these prehistoric creatures roaming around and you need to make sure they don’t end up absolutely terrorising the visitors of your newly opened theme park. The missions are great upon first play but can deviate towards being quite repetitive and uninspiring upon repeated playthroughs however there is enough content within the game itself which when it comes to the free to play modes you can have an absolute ball creating the weirdest park set-ups imaginable. Also for the more sadistic folks such as myself you can get rafts of enjoyment by unleashing some of the deadliest predators to exist in the dinosaur kingdom onto your unsuspecting park goers and watch as the carnage ensues.

Now if you’re wanting to get your grubby little hands on a copy of this bad boy it is getting dangerously harder and harder to find one on many platforms especially PC which was considered the best port for the game. However there is still a dedicated community as I discovered upon searching for informstion on this game and they are still consistently modding the game purely because many thought the mechanics of the game were too perfect to abandon.. How cool is that?

So in conclusion dinosaurs are cool.. as are sim games, I assure this Jurassic park title is far from lame.    

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