Tyler The Creator – IGOR

Tyler The Creator can be a divisive personality in the hip hop community. Not only he has been banned in New Zealand during his time with Odd Future for his comments using the word rhyming with Maggot (as some form of endearment like the N word) but he also got the ire of Theresa May who also banned him from future tours to the U.K. but hey, the country is a huge joke and at the time of writing this review, Theresa May has announced she would step down from her PM position. But let’s not talk about politics here and talk about why IGOR has CHANGED MY MIND about modern Hip Hop.

When I made posts on my Facebook that regarding my love for this record from Tyler, it was met with heaping adulation and praise and all it took was a boring Tuesday at my daytime job to CHANGE MY MIND.

“Don’t leave me, its my fault”

So why the sudden love for IGOR from Hip Hop’s most divisive figures you ask? I guess we can start with the first single “EARFQUAKE” which came with a hilarious video and has recently trending because of well the EARFQUAKE that happened in California.

Also Tyler in the video has created this WARHOLIAN character wearing a dirty blonde wig along with wearing a cheap 2-piece suit that brings a Gary Wilson esq vibe about it.

IGOR sold me from the first track “Igor’s Theme” to the last “Are We Still Friends” and I say that because its a non stop, never skip a beat journey based on themes of loyalty, love and this stoic IGOR character.

This LP boasts a cast list of the who’s who in Hip Hop such as Kanye West, Solange, Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti among others. In fact, the wiki also boasts of backing vocals from Santigold, La Roux (remember her?) and Ceelo Green (remember him?)

Stand out tracks for me personally are “I Think”, “Running Out of Time” “what’s good” and “puppet”. What I’ve noticed with this release is that there is a heavy amount of synth married within the samples and beats which is just wonder to the ears especially if you like BASS IN YOUR FACE cause it has tons of it.

As a whole this should be enjoyed as an album to truly experience the genius of Tyler the Creator and yes, some have voiced concerns that he isn’t rapping as much as his previous output, but you have to be aware that someone has to evolve the sound and concepts of Hip Hop to the point it makes a 360 from what is the norm. There is a traditionalist bent with this release where the rappers are using skits, verses auf choruses and samples unlike the mumble and trap that we have been subjected to for the past 3 years and pushed by folks who think we have the attention span of fish.

Overall much like how current pop stars are influenced by Robyn’s debut album, this to me is a benchmark for hip hop to come. This would be the type of album that any Hip Hop artist would demand from a Max Martin to sound like to which he would retort by telling them to “fuck off” like he did with countless others that made that demand to sound like Swedish sensation Robyn. I can’t give much more praise to IGOR with the glowing scores it got from Metacritic and All Music so we’ll conclude with BUY THIS ALBUM, get the vinyl if you’re kinky.

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