Kanye West is considered by many as a super, genius madman producer of our generation or rather polarizing public figure who currently is a Trump supporter thanks in part to his rather brief involvement with Candace Owens and his recent visits to the White House which riled up quite a lot of people on both sides of the political spectrum. Not to mention causing a bigger divide with his friends like Jay Z and Beyonce as well as his fans who are in a tug o war choosing to stay devoted or walkaway out of anger. It happened to the Dixie Chicks.


Now I don’t know where everyone stands politically (and should it matter?) and why the previous paragraph had to be told, but it’s probably imperative that you do know where Kanye West is in the grand scheme of things in 2019 when we talk about this record.

JESUS IS KING is met with trepidation for fans or ridicule from his haters and boy there was a lot of negative press on my Facebook feed when this dropped rather suddenly mind you to the point there wasn’t any artwork. Its almost as if this album was never gonna happen. Where is Yandi? Is this it right here?

Christian Music isn’t exactly something the cool kids can hang with, those awful degenerates LOL. But that aside is it any good?

It’s a yes as a Kanye West fan and no if you’re a passive one. There are good tunes and original musical ideas but there are some that warrants lamenting on.

CLOSED ON SUNDAY is probably one of the worst tunes from Kanye especially the tag line “closed on Sunday, you’re my Chick Fil A” that winces on cringe. Heres hoping he gets free chicken sandwiches from them like most rappers who plug products like Versace ad nauseam.

SELAH is probably gonna send most of you agnostics out of the Spotify playlist in rage and I’m looking out for you guys cause I know that there are a lot of you that don’t believe in God or Jesus so if it’s not your thing you are excused.

WATER is my favourite track and this is where he shines. It’s beautiful and rather fluid in its movement and that Choir whomever it is should be thanked for being the support of this and many of the songs.

HANDS ON is my other favourite and you gotta love that vocal effect Kanye uses. It’s also rather sparse in the beats department. Strange.

On God is a bit crushing ride almost as if Kanye is channelling his inner Yuzo Koshiro which one youtube reviewer said, arguing his theory that this is Kanye composing video game music

Overall, I am of 2 camps regarding Jesus is King from Kanye West. Firstly if you’re not into religion or Jesus or Gospel music and you think it’s lame, well you’re probably gonna be handing in your Kanye West fan club card on the way out and bitch on social media how he has lost his mind and he needs to be on medication.

Fair point even though you are wrong and insulting to people who have mental illness.

But if you love Kanye West as I do, it’s a decent, palatable but rather short affair with Ye leaving you wanting more. The question is do you still want more from him? How long can he keep this up before his elite friends in the creative industry turn on him and really do cancel culture his ass? Only time will tell.


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